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Athinorama magazine (3/2002) "Arvanitaki at Gyalino"

his is Eleftheria's best show. I know I usually say that every year, every time she does a new show, but this is really something else. Her show at Gyalino Mousiko Theatro is the most artistically balanced and lifting musical trip you can imagine. 

 It' as simple as that : 20-30 of the best songs written in the last twenty years (all hers), combined with a few timeless songs given a definitive status through Eleftheria's performance. A few of our well-respected songwriters excepted, there is no other Greek artist that can  assemble a show so complete, based on their own repertoire, as the one Eleftheria does. This is the distillation of a creative course, with clear and excellent choices.

 Well, that's well known. From «Kentro Dierxomenon» to the recent «Broadcast» (album of the year, in my opinion, although not necessarily according to current standards), Eleftheria's career has been shining. There has only been one fairly good moment, all her other works have been excellent.

 Her songs are all well known-they will never bore anyone. We listen to those songs every time, thiss year included. So what is it that makes this year's show so different, so much better? The sound and its arrangement, that which professional musicians term ‘orchestration'. George Zachariou does this in full creativity. He is a musician capable of getting sounds, analyze them and placing them into their context. This is a talent not inherent in all musicians, as good as they may be. He also seems to be a man disregarding the obvious solutions- he knows his  musicians and how to get  the best out of them. He maintains a living relationship with the musical environment. The result : all these well-known songs sound brand new, without any musical extremities, keeping intact the features of a live show. Those who feel the music enjoy it.

 Eleftheria enjoys herself. I see her happy on stage, singing with a voice that goes deeper into the feeling of the music and the musicians. The whole group is in full flight, and so is the audience. This is a special moment. I intend to go and see the show again. Gyalino Mousiko Theatro is one of the best venues in Athens. Accesible, friendly, with no sense of distance, it's a very suitable venue for such a warm show.

 George Haronitis

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