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Vassilis Bouziotis prefaces Eleftheria's interview ...

It's after midnight when Eleftheria sings "To Parapono" (i.e. "The Complaint"). This is poetry by Odisseas Elitis set to music by Dimitris Papadimitriou. That is a powerful and complete performance that goes straight to your heart. The audience has become a large company and sings with her - not only the chorus, but also the whole of the difficult piece. When the song ends the audience glorifies her. Her eyes are shining. She looks really swept away. "You make me grow", she says. She really looks as if she's grown, as if she has ...flown away from the stage.

In the days of ... "Big Brother" it is quite important to resist by watching shows emanating from the bottom of the soul.  In these days when values are on is important to utter the poetry of Odisseas Elitis, to "travel" through this poetry, and to "escape" in that way from the unbearable burdens of everyday life.

...(Eleftheria's show at "Gyalino") is a show with Eleftheria solo on stage for the first time in her career, for about three hours without even a short break; with her magnificent voice as well as her good musicians at her disposal, without ...smoke, without special effects, without stage scenery...; with a black dress only and without the slightest paint...

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