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The Independent on Sunday - ELEFTHERIA'S PART IN "ORION"

“World of Glass” …

and then finally it’s the turn of a local heroine, the glamorous vocalist Eleftheria Arvanitaki, whose albums routinely routinely go platinum in Greece. She is swatched in a skin-tight orange gown that glows in the stage lights, and her richly expressive voice stirs many older members of the audience to tears, and to ragged attempts to sing along.

Her song, unless the people I ask about it are having me on, is a traditional folk melody, “Tzivaeri”, and it turns on the repeated phrase: sigana ke tapina, which they translate for me as “slowly, not proudly”. If the United Nations ever decides that the Earth needs a planetary anthem, the Glass arrangement of “Tzivaeri” would serve well.

As she brings the song home to its final chorus, one by one, the featured soloists return to stage, each one adding a new color to the musical spectrum. A final swell of voice and ensemble, and Marc Atkins bookends “Orion” by letting fly with a didgeridoo blast every bit as spine-shuddering as the first. We ‘re done.

(By Kevin Jackson, The Independent on Sunday, 13/6/2004)

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