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Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Nikos Portokaloglou continue their common appearances all over Greece and Cyprus during the summer in a show full of bightness, great emotional moments and spontaneity.

The two artists combined their similarities and also their differences on stage, they exchanged songs and led their amazing band to musical routes of the East and the West and suprised each other – along with the audience – by performing songs that one could call “repressed musical desires”. For instance, Nikos asks Eleftheria “Should I stay or should I go” - the classic hit of the Clash – Eleftheria answers with “I'll break glasses”; and when Nikos declares “I will survive” - an adaptation of Gloria Gaynor's hit song – Eleftheria answers with the traditional song of her island Ikaria, where she originates from. Eleftheria and Nikos offer a live-party leaving behind smiling and shinny faces in the audience.

So, after a series of winter shows in clubs and theatres, Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Nikos Portokaloglou set off for a tour in open-air theatres, in festivals next to the hellenic waters and under skies full of stars promising extraordinaire musical nights.

In these shows, Eleftheria Arvanitaki will perform songs from her latest album entitled “9+1 Istories” and will take us with her in the rhythm of her new single “Makria ap' tin trikymia” (from her album “9+1 Istories”).

All concerts, as well as changes in the concert plan, are announced at the website.

Α show by Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Nikos Portokaloglou and Lida Roumani


Alex Drakos Ktistakis / drums and arrangements
Yannis Kyrimkyridis / keyboards
George Georgiadis / bass
Dimitris Tsakas / saxophone
Nikos Mermigkas / lute, bouzouki, lafta
Christos Alexakis / programming and trombone
Sound engineers: Harris Kremmydas and Akis Paschalakis
Lights designed by Phil Hills

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