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DYNATA 1986-2007 (2007)

MERCURY - 06025 1757303 1






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  1. Meno Ektos (I still remain an outcast)
  2. Till daybreak (Os ta haramata)
  3. Visitors (Episkeptes)
  4. Kryvomai sto antio (El Universo Sobre Mi)
  5. Efyges noris
  6. The coast
  7. An s'arnitho agapi mou
  8. For the color of your eyes
  9. An Old Story (La Femme Sans Haine)
  10. I'm going to touch the sky (Pao na piaso ourano)
  11. A thousand nights
  12. I want to stay by you
  13. Take me in your arms and let us go (Pare me agalia keh pame)
    Composer: Michalis Hatzigiannis
    Lyrics: Lida Roumani
  14. Min Orkizesai (Come Monna Lisa)
  15. The complaint
  16. Dynata (Strong Possibility)
  17. Tis kalinichtas ta filia (The goodnight kisses)
  18. In the same t-shirt
  19. Complaint (Yar Ko Parag) - Exile (Bingeol)
  20. The boat
  21. I'll break glasses
  22. Stolen life
  23. Like a secret love
  24. Tou pothou t' agrimi (The wild beast of longing)
  25. Pame xana sta thavmata (Lets go again to the miracles)
  26. Fissa phichi mou (Blow on, my soul)
  27. Kima to Kima (Wave after wave)


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