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Parallel Roads (2005)

Mercury - 9876082 6

Two-CD set anthologising some of Eleftheria's guest appearances on other artists' albums, as well as three previously unreleased live recordings and two new songs. There is also a special edition box set CD, which includes the two audio CDs of the standard edition and a DVD video that features the "Live at Rocks Theatre-Summer 95".


1.  At the edges of your eyes
6.  Sodade
8.  End (Everything begins here)
9.  Thelo na se do
10The zero
22. Meine konta mou
24. I want you
25. Love song
26. Anastasia
27. At the beginning of the song
28. Ti leipei
29. A firm No
30. Don't go
32. Into my arms
37. Trele Tsingane (Crazy Gypsy)
38. Ikaria

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